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JSB HF45B Foot Reflexology Massager

Warranty : 1 year Key Feature : Foot Reflexology Massager, Proven to Improve Blood Circulation, Effective in Curing Foot Pain, Useful for Arthiritis Patients Type : Blood Circulation Machi

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Product Description

Foot Pain and Arthiritis are common complaints in today's times.
Elderly often complain of numbness and pain in the foot.
This is the result of poor blood circulation in the legs and feet.
Such circulatory problems are further worsened due to lack of exercise.
The JSB HF45B Foot Reflexology Massager is a unique solution to your blood circulation problems.
It aids natural blood flow to all arteries in your foot and calf.
Also, it helps in unblocking blocked arteries and the user can feel the waves flow through their feet.
This stimulation machine is particularly useful for people with DIABETES, who often complain of numbness in the feet.
In this way, it also prevents Foot Neuropathy.
Not to forget, its role in VARICOSE VEINS.
People with Varicose Veins can benefit with this unique blood circulation machine.