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D-Lite 12 W LED Bulb (Pack of 6)

D-Lite 12 W LED Bulb (Pack of 6)


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Product Description

Reduce your power expenses by replacing the fluorescent or incandescent lights of your home with these D-Lite LED bulbs.
These light fixtures work on 220-240 volts and can be anchored to the wall sockets in your kitchen, bedroom, living and even in your backyard.
Set of 6 This lighting equipment is available as a pack of six LED bulbs which can be used to light all the rooms in your house or your studio apartment.
Energy Efficient These bulbs light up the space by consuming only 12 watts of energy which saves a lot of power and creates a huge impact on your monthly bills.
Shatter-proof Each LED bulb from the set is made of durable plastic which makes it shatter-proof.