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Who is the unluckiest person on the earth?

Most of us have no Idea who he is

Let me tell you He is Buzz Aldrin

The second person on Moon

We all know the first person on moon Neil Armstrong

He landed on moon just seconds later Neil Armstrong did, not a big deal right but He is the only man who knows the difference between being first and being second

In an Interview with national geographic

Interviewer-It was of course Neil Armstrong who made that “giant leap for mankind” by being the first man to walk on the moon. Does it upset you to be known as the second man on the moon?

Aldrin-At the time, not in the least. As the senior crew member, it was appropriate for him to be the first. But after years and years of being asked to speak to a group of people and then be introduced as the second man on the moon, it does get a little frustrating. Is it really necessary to point out to the crowd that somebody else was first when we all went through the same training, we all landed at the same time and all contributed? But for the rest of my life I'll always be identified as the second man to walk on the moon.

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Who is the unluckiest person on the earth    
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