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What is the most "alien" alien in all of science fiction?

The sarlaac from Return of the Jedi.

Admittedly, maximum of the alien designs in star Wars can without difficulty be traced back to the structures and traits of Earth animals. You’ve were given bipedal creatures (wampas) and quadrupedal creatures (banthas). now and again they have got a few more eyes or limbs, but they usually fit quite simply in our definition of what an animal is. Take the tauntaun as an instance. It’s essentially a form of “lizard-kangaroo” with ram horns.

However the sarlaac… what the hell is the sarlaac?

In contrast to most different Star Wars critters, trying to evaluate the sarlaac to real creatures makes it even greater difficult. It’s got tentacles and (because the unique edition re-release) a beak, kind of like a squid… but does that appear like a squid to you?

Certain, it has tendril-such things as a squid, but it doesn’t exactly resemble an present creature.

Perhaps comparing the sarlaac to actual living matters that trap their prey with pits will permit it to make greater experience. I guess there’s the antlion, an insect that digs a pit within the sand and waits for other insects to crumple it.

There’s also the pitcher plant, a carnivorous plant that traps bugs in acidic water in its cup-like leaves (observe the curved hairs at the leaves that seem like the sarlaac’s fangs).

The sarlaac seems to be maximum like a squid, a worm, and a plant. And yet, it’s not truly like all of these three. That’s pretty alien if you question me.

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What is the most "alien" alien in all of science fiction?    
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