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What are some clever logo designs?

I locate the Ministry of environment and climate change’s logo very clever.

In the logo, one shall find a dolphin, the country wide aquatic animal of India, it symbolises the aquatic surroundings of this country.

On the top, one unearths a tiger, the country wide animal of India. It symbolises the animals in this .

One shall additionally find a dove, it symbolises peace and concord between the humans of this country and its plants and fauna.

At the right, one shall discover a leaf, symbolising the flora of this country, the timber that multiply the splendor of our jungles.

On the mid, one unearths a female sieving corn/wheat, it symbolises how human life is incorporated with all the above elements.

The tagline perfectly encapsulates how nature always protects itself and how we've a responsibility to maintain her in all her splendor and delight.

Government establishments are becoming extra vibrant under the Modi Government. And The ministry’s logo is one of the best example of this lovely transition taking vicinity.

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What are some clever logo designs?    
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